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12 December 1990
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ok well people my name is Breahanna and IT NOT BREA HANNA i hate when people say that way it's Brianna but spell different just like me i have an older sister and a little brother i'm the middle child YEAh. i'm 5'9 i'm african American {Black} i'm not a sinny person or a Fat person either i do sports i Love basketball and Volleyball and DDR {dance dance Revolution} i love to hang out with my friends and I LOVE to listen to all different kind of music Rand B hiphop ol skool emo punk rock whatever mood i'm in i listen to some of my friends think i'm alittle overbroad w/Emo and punk music. but they just don't liten to different music only thing they like is mainly rand b and Hiphop and Rap i like it. it just how many song is are u going to heared about sum guy telling to shake ur ass me for u get tried of it you ok next subject.